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Infected Flag (square).png

Infected Flag

Latest version: 2.2 (3.0 in private release)
MC version: 1.12 (1.13 in private release)
Year of release: 2016
Type: Defence, attack
Player capacity: 15 players

Quick! Our kingdom is under attack! We must protect our flag or our enemies will infect it!
Infected Flag is a mix between three very popular minigames that we can find in many different games: Capture The Flag (CTF), Domination and King Of The Hill (KOTH). The IF was originally supposed to be a classic CTF minigame! Infected Flag was also the very first working minigame I released on my own.

About the minigame...

RULES: Two teams are fighting in a big arena composed of 2 different parts: the Overworld (Blue team) and the Dimensions (Red team). If you're in the Blue team for example, you must attack the Red base by "infecting" their flag. To do so, you must stay on it until the percentage displayed on the screen says "100%". When the enemy flag is infected, you get a point, then it goes back to normal after a few seconds. However, you cannot stay on the enemy flag forever! Creepers will appear to make you go away. If you stay, you will blow up! The first team that gets 6 points win!


THE MAP: On the map, you will spawn in a corner inside a little house, made of quartz or wood depending on your team. Go out of the house, and you will be able to notice your flag that you need to defend - it is blue if you're Blue and red if you're Red, obviously. On the opposite corner, you can find a watch tower with a farm next to it. In the centre of your area, you can find a lake. It is filled with lava if you're Red. At the centre of the map itself, there's a huge wall made of end stone brick that separates the two areas. There's also an underground corridor that connects the two areas together.

Classes/Kits: There are 8 classes that you can use while playing play and attack your enemies. Each of them has a special attack that you acquire in a different way depending on the class you're using:

  • Upon death of any ally,

  • When you kill an enemy DIRECTLY (With a sword, a bow or any direct weapon),

  • Randomly.

Here is a list of the classes you can play as:

Warrior: Selected by default, it's a good way to start or discover the game for the first time. His special attack is a strength potion - upon death of any teammate.

Pyro: The pyro is pretty vulnerable but he loves playing with fire. Legend says his diamond sword is actually a secret ruby sword... His special attack is a pair of grenades that you can throw - you shall randomly get them.

Bowman: His name says it all. The archer likes using his bow to throw his enemies away. When he kills anyone, he gets a pretty special arrow that turns any enemy it hits into a flare...

Knight: The knight has no horse - but he's still a really fast warrior. His armour and his weapons are pretty much balanced. His special attack is a speed potion - upon death of any teammate.

Farmer: The farmer loves his animals, especially his chickens. When he needs to fight, he usually uses his axe to behead his animals... Once he kills any enemy, he gets an explosive chicken egg.

Glider: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a flying glider that likes to annoy everyone he sees! The glider is a very weak class but it has the capacity to jump higher and to infect the enemy flag slightly faster than usual. His special attack is a firework - once he kills any enemy.

Miner: A miner likes mining things in a mine. But when he has to fight, his pickaxe can be pretty useful too! His special attack is an explosive creeper egg - once he kills any enemy.

Barbarian: He's savage! His defence is very weak and he still dares to fight with a primitive wooden axe, damn! His special attack is a secret Villager egg... - upon death of any of his allies.

Random events: If any player kills 3 people in total, he/she shall instantly trigger a random event that can either be a bonus or a penalty. Here's a list of the available events:

Frenzy: Each player will instantly get his special attack.

Godlike: Two randomly selected players will receive Speed 10 and Strength 255 for a very short amount of time - be quick!

Thor's Wrath: Three randomly selected players will suffer from the power of thunder...!

Subtraction: Each team loses a point. Pay attention, you can even get a negative score!

MY EYEZ R GOEN!: All of you will become blind for a short moment! Try to fight now...

Feast: Everyone gets an enchanted golden apple.

Scrambled Teams: You guessed it, all of you shall either stay in your own team or join the other one...!

Have a gallery!

Here are a few pictures I took of the minigame. Take a look at them if you want!

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