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The Stone King (square).png

The Stone King

Latest version: 2.1 (Teleporter Update)
MC version: 1.12
Year of release: 2016
Type: Defence, attack, mining, strategy
Player capacity: 15 players

Our king may be in really big trouble... And he's right. We must assassinate the enemy king before our king gets killed!
Explore through all the different tunnels of this minigame, dig, dig and dig again to find the enemy base and assassinate the other king! Scroll down to learn more!

About the minigame...

RULES: This game is almost only about tunnels. When the game starts, you must already dig through a clay tunnel. Once you arrived at the bottom of any tunnel, there is a special block that you must dig to upgrade your team's pickaxe (For example, at the first tunnel it's a coal block, at the second tunnel it's a redstone block, etc...). After 5 minutes, teleporters will be ready to teleport you directly to the enemy team's base. But there are still lots of tunnels to go through! The final special block is an iron block - it lets you destroy iron bars, the ultimate protection of the kings! Trade with your own king to get armour, special items and weapons. And once you're fully ready, kill the enemy king to win the game! Pay attention, your own king must never die!!


THE ORES: As I said, the minigame is only about digging, upgrading your pickaxe, digging, upgrading your pickaxe, etc. You must dig through tunnels of different ores and at the end of each tunnel, you can find special blocks that let you get a better pickaxe. Here is a list of the ores you should find, in order:

  1. Clay (Blue if you're Red and red if you're blue), with a COAL BLOCK at the bottom, the Gobelins' Treasure

  2. Coal ore, with a REDSTONE BLOCK at the bottom, the Bloody Rock

  3. Redstone ore, with a DIAMOND BLOCK at the bottom, the Legendary Carbon

  4. Diamond ore, with an EMERALD BLOCK at the bottom, the Citizen's Fortune (With the teleporters in-between which means that you need to wait 5 minutes from the beginning of the game before you can use the teleporters for the first time)

  5. Emerald ore, with a NETHERRACK BLOCK if you're blue or an END STONE block if you're red, the Shameful Stone

  6. Obsidian, with a LAPIS BLOCK at the bottom, the Water Foam

  7. Lapis ore, with a QUARTZ BLOCK at the bottom, Hell's Whiteness

  8. Quartz ore, with an IRON BLOCK at the bottom, the Lethal Steel

  9. The Lethal Steel lets you destroy iron bars. There is no ore nor special block after it - except the enemy king of course.

Special levels: There are different types of levels that you can acquire in the game. To acquire these levels, you must mine a specific amount of each block as detailed below:

  • Level 1 (basic) to Level 2 = Mine 30 clay blocks to acquire a permanent speed (level 2) bonus effect.

  • Level 2 to Level 3 = Mine 30 coal ore blocks to acquire a permanent haste (level 2) bonus effect.

  • Level 3 to Level 4 = Mine 30 redstone ore blocks to acquire a permanent resistance bonus effect.

  • Level 4 to Level 5 = Mine 30 diamond ore blocks to acquire permanent jump boost (level 2) and night vision bonus effects.

  • Level 5 to Level 6 = Mine 30 emerald ore blocks to acquire a permanent regeneration bonus effect.

  • Level 6 to Level 7 = Mine 16 obsidian blocks to acquire a permanent strength (level 2) bonus effect.

  • Level 7 to Level 8 = Mine 30 lapis ore blocks to upgrade your haste bonus effect to level 4.

  • Level 8 to Level 9 (max) = Mine 30 quartz ore blocks to upgrade your resistance bonus effect to level 2.

Pay attention however! You cannot get any higher level if you haven't got the level below. For example, if you're trying to get to level 6 whereas you are NOT level 5 yet, it will not work!

Your king's trade offers: Your king is a Villager. The Blue king is white, whereas the Red king is purple.

You can trade with your king in order to receive weapons or armour.

Here are some examples of offers he can give you:

  • Golden apples using special blocks

  • Different types of food

  • Turn clay and iron bars into actually placeable blocks!

  • Swords (Enchanted or not)

  • Chestplates (Enchanted or not)

  • Powerful combat axes

  • Pressure plates, using the emerald block, that can be placed as a shortcut to the teleporters in front of an iron door

  • Totems of undying

  • Enchanted golden apples by turning 5 classic golden apples into an enchanted one!

Some hints and tips for the game...

  • When an enemy is approaching your base, you will directly get warned in the chat. Pay attention and try to defend your king!

  • Keep an eye on the ground: it should be the same colour as your team's colour. If you're walking on blue blocks whereas you're Red, that means you're in hostile territory. Be careful! What's more, daring to use a teleporter that is not for YOUR team (e.g. using a blue teleporter when you're Red) will instantly kill you!

  • Due to a bug in the game, a team can kill its own king. Try not to do so, obviously. If you see any player that kills his own king on purpose, you can give me his name with a screenshot of the game on Discord or Twitter so that I can warn him/her.

  • You can get placeable blocks. Try to hide your king somewhere with these blocks!

  • Each time you acquire a higher mining level, you will be notified in the chat. No need to panic if you aren't getting any level! Just check the chat if you already got the level below.

  • Same when a team gets a special block. You can know how far the enemy team is by looking at which special block they got!

  • The teleporters that lead to the enemy's base are inactive fr 5 minutes. When there's only 1 minute left, you will get notified as well. Time to hurry!

Have a gallery!

Here are a few pictures I took of the minigame. Take a look at them if you want!

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